19 Novembre, 2000


 Washington vs  St. Louis
With Jeff George slinging the ball, just about any Washington WR will become a viable target against the St. Louis secondary. In George's first game as a starter, the timing wasn't there with most of his receivers, yet Thrash had a 100-yard game. Against Bly, who has been a constant target while filling in for an injured Todd Lyght, Thrash should have no problem getting separation downfield. Lyght might return from a hamstring injury this week, but he won't be 100 percent and may have trouble with the speedy Thrash if he sees extensive playing time. Most likely, Bly will draw the assignment and have trouble with it. Deion Sanders is still good, but a WR like Isaac Bruce might beat him on long routes down the middle of the field. Champ Bailey has the speed to stay with Torry Holt and may be able to nuetralize him. If Darrell Green doesn't play because of a calf injury, Az-Zahir Hakim might face Tyronne Drakeford in passing sets and could have a big game. Justin Watson will have trouble with the stiff Washington run defense, but Stephen Davis should be able to control the ball for Washington. If OT Chris Samuels can contain DE Grant Wistrom and the 'Skins can keep Kevin Carter and Leonard Little from crushing the pocket as DTs on passing downs, George should have a relatively good day.
 Arizona at  Philadelphia
The Eagles should be able to execute some offense here, as Torrance Small gets open against CB Tom Knight. If McNabb doesn't locate any open receivers, he should be able to scramble for a lot of yards. LBs Carlos Emmons and Jeremiah Trotter will keep Michael Pittman from being effective as a runner or receiver. David Boston and Frank Sanders have been hurting and won't do much against CBs Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor.
 Buffalo at  Kansas City
Buffalo LBs Sam Cowart and John Holecek will stifle RB Kimble Anders, but WR Derrick Alexander will eventually burn CB Ken Irvin and TE Tony Gonzalez will overpower Bills SS Henry Jones in the open field. The Buffalo defensive line is banged-up, and Elvis Grbac will have time to throw. Bills QB Rob Johnson might falter against a defense geared to stop the pass. Kansas City will shut down the inept Buffalo RBs early and will sit back and wait for Johnson to go deep.
 Carolina at  Minnesota
Robert Smith is certain to have another big day, as rookie MLB Lester Towns unsuccessfully tries to contain him. Daunte Culpepper will have full use of the play-action pass and will pick on CB Eric Davis, who is no match for the physically superior Randy Moss. The tattered Carolina offensive line will probably face a lot of blitzes in an effort to disrupt Steve Beuerlein's timing, and the Panthers won't be able to do much on the ground with the unproven Brad Hoover likely seeing a lot of action.
 Cincinnati at  New England
With LBs Ted Johnson and Chris Slade and DE Willie McGinest listed as questionable, the Bengals might be able to score some points. But without LT John Jackson, QB Scott Mitchell might feel some heat and will have to make quick throws to TE Tony McGee and drop some screens to Corey Dillon, who should have a big day. If Drew Bledsoe can throw downfield, WR Troy Brown should be able to shed CB Rodney Heath for some long gains.
 Cleveland at  Tennessee
As long as the Titans contain DE Courtney Brown, QB Steve McNair should be able to spread the ball around, and WR Chris Sanders should be able to beat CB Dayton McCutcheon on more than one occasion. RB Eddie George should see a lot of running room on the left side behind T Brad Hopkins and G Bruce Matthews. DEs Jevon Kearse and Kenny Holmes will crush the Cleveland pocket and force Doug Pederson into some turnovers. OLBs Greg Favors and Eddie Robinson will keep RBs Travis Prentice and Jamel White from doing much of anything.
 Detroit at  New York Giants
The Giants have been good against the run, and DTs Jason Peter and Keith Hamilton have the strength to contain and combat James Stewart. New York might try to protect its vulnerable secondary with extra pressure on Charlie Batch. The Lions have a knack for forcing turnovers and good cover men, so QB Kerry Collins might take some coverage sacks or get picked off. The Detroit OLBs, Allen Aldridge and Chris Claiborne, have been getting burned by the run lately and will be suspect to outside sweeps featuring Tiki Barber.
 Indianapolis at  Green Bay
Brett Favre might not last long here, as extra pressure from the Colts' front seven drives him from the game. He might be able to alleviate pressure early with draw plays to Ahman Green, who can surprise the overaggressive Indianapolis defense. WRs Antonio Freeman and Bill Schroeder might be able to complete some big plays against the weak Indy pass defense. Start all your usual Colts against the banged-up Green Bay defense. Terrence Wilkins, however, won't be able to do much against equally speedy CB Mike McKenzie.
 New York Jets at  Miami
If there's one team that doesn't respect the reputation of the Miami defense, it's the Jets. RB Curtis Martin will exploit another missed game by MLB Zach Thomas. OT Jason Fabini can certainly handle DE Jason Taylor, and Vinny Testaverde will dilute extra pressure with dumpoffs to Martin and Richie Anderson. WR Wayne Chrebet is actually one of the few wideouts who can get free from CB Sam Madison. The Jets LBs have the speed to corral RB Lamar Smith, and Oronde Gadsden is questionable with a knee injury, possibly robbing Jay Fiedler of his best matchup against the Jets' CBs. O.J. McDuffie, however, is rounding back into good health and could be a factor on passing downs.
 Tampa Bay at  Chicago
WR Jacquez Green always gives the Bears fits, and will continue to do so against CB Walt Harris. QB Shaun King won't get much pass pressure and will continue to spread the ball around. Warrick Dunn will have limited success running the ball outside against LB Sean Harris. The Bucs will work quickly to neutralize James Allen, and will double-cover Marcus Robinson. The best target for Shane Matthews might be TE Kaseem Sinceno, because the QB will need a regular safety valve.
 San Diego at  Denver
Gus Frerotte can't maximize Rod Smith's deep-ball quickness like Brian Griese can, so he will look for Ed McCaffrey against fading CB Darryl Lewis. The Chargers might put the clamps on Terrell Davis with their superb run defense. Davis might be less than 100 percent with leg problems. Ryan Leaf should get good protection from OTs Vaughn Parker and Ben Coleman, and should be able to conenct with WR Jeff Graham and TE Freddie Jones. RB Terrell Fletcher will be more successful as a pass-catcher than as a runner.
 Atlanta at  San Francisco
Jamal Anderson will get a lot of carries and should get in the end zone at least once as the Falcons try to distill an improved San Francisco pass rush. Play-action passing should open up a Chris Chandler-to-Shawn Jefferson connection. The Niners should have a lot of success in the air, as Jeff Garcia gets lots of time to throw. Charlie Garner will see a lot of open cutback lanes against the mediocre Falcons' front seven.
 Dallas at  Baltimore
It might be another tough week for Emmitt Smith against the ultra-tough Baltimore run defense. The Ravens' front four will batter and bruise Troy Aikman, giving him no time to locate James McKnight. Baltimore should have success throwing the ball, as Qadry Ismail burns CB Ryan McNeil downfield. RB Jamal Lewis might also prove to be too much for the Dallas LBs to handle.
 Jacksonville at  Pittsburgh
Fred Taylor has played well recently, but might get shut down by ILBs Earl Holmes and Levon Kirkland. The Jaguars may have more success throwing the ball, as Mark Brunell hooks up with Keenan McCardell, who will beat CB DeWayne Washington for some big gains. The Jags have been soft against the run lately, so expect another good game from Jerome Bettis, but the anemic Pittsburgh passing game won't even scare a vulnerable Jacksonville secondary.
 Oakland at  New Orleans
The Oakland offensive line should be able to makesco some holes for Tyrone Wheatley, and without Ricky Williams, the Saints' defense will be on the field too long and won't be able to depend on MLB Darrin Smith to stop the run in the fourth quarter. Eventually, Rich Gannon will find Tim Brown for a score. The Raiders will snuff out the run quickly, and will sit back and frustrate Jeff Blake with effective deep ball coverages.